Hai, Friend!

Hai! A cute fediverse client with more than just cute colors
Are there more powerful Mastodon clients out there? Yes.
But, remember in 2010, when twitter clients were fun, and a joy to use? Everything now is professional and gets the thing done.
Hai! is more than that. Hai! wants to make connecting with your friends delightful. Hai! wants to be friendly. Hai! is where you connect. It's your personal twitter client. With more than 6 built-in themes, font choices that don't normally show up, and near infinite customization via CSS, it's made for you, not for work.


  • Aggregated notifications: No 100-item list of notifications of different people liking your status
  • Custom CSS: Make Hai yours with third party and custom themes you can browse and install (in progress)
  • A gamut of font options including Atkinson Hyperlegible, OpenDyslexic and Lexend
  • Styled post types: replies, mentions, shares etc can be highlighted as they should be.
  • Text Contrast options
  • Connect to your mastodon instance using just your username