Release Notes

Some people read these

2023-03-03 - Beta 17

  • Minor fixes for dialogs and transitions.
  • support for --instanceName, --wallpaperImage variables in themes
  • fix for freezing when tapping card in the 'wrong' place
  • Changes to fetch timelines to also get previous and next pages, and additional metadata as needed
  • code formatting
  • improved wallpaper support. Set wallpaper via variable to prevent safari from crashing.
  • New theme, magic, based on RPG card deck
  • support for dynamic type: in iOS you can change the text size via the Control Center or Settings, and Hai! will use that value.
  • Sound effects fix again... re: sounds disabled after backgrounding application.
  • text shadow fixes
  • add additional animations for actions
  • switch to webp for remaining images
  • Add resources folder for built-in themes
  • continued progress on plain theme
  • Adding excessive visual effects to Glass theme, and fixing selecting an imaege.
  • Reposition dialog so it's not obscured by keyboard on smaller phones
  • Add search button
  • Add error checking for loading a timeline
  • function to process adding a post using deep link
  • Checks for Re in the spoiler text before adding a second "Re: ". Adds a Re if there is a spoiler.
  • Contrast setting was being saved in the wrong area.
  • Enter key submits on login screen.
  • meta tags, opengraph
  • fix html size
    create new post with hai://new_post/?post=

2023-02-24 - Beta 16

  • fix background section in settings
  • swap novel heme for plain
  • starting deep link support
  • adding icons and additional metadata
  • search icon - no search yet
  • Adding various icon sizes for pwa
  • ui improvements: adding styles for the file input
  • remove wallpaper button added
  • fix contrast never setting on new install
  • other ui improvements
  • fix for bug where selecting the same page a second time removes its visual effects
  • added selector to detect if wallpaper is chosen
  • high contrast text fixes
  • Fix in themes for floating close button
  • Visual effects fix High Contrast option fixes
  • floating close button fix moved link image to main css
  • Moving settings buttons fix
  • Visual effect updates: return of the visual effects
  • use a visible color for account names
  • sightly smaller care warning area
  • remove extra space from participants. do not add current user to reply list
  • Fix fetching local timeline
  • fixing covering of arrows on posts
  • fixing detection of post-types
  • New theme: glass
  • Adding "Re: " before spoiler text on replies

2023-02-20 - Beta 15

  • fix for shares and likes not applying
  • initial wallpaper support. You can select a wallpaper from your device.
  • Fixes for spoilers on wp7 and yesterday themes.
  • Support for playing videos - tap on a post to view videos
  • fix for no sounds after multitasking
  • moving mastodon api code
  • Switching to local storage. Using objects for settings and account information
  • Fixes for people on Beta 14 not being able to log in

2023-02-15 - Beta 14

  • fixed tabbar showing on top of full screen images
  • when opening a post that is large enough to scroll in place, the post expands in the thread view.
  • adding login error on first run
  • added sound on error
  • Clicking on a post is handled by an event listener that properly opens URLs instead of ignoring them.
  • Spinning refresh icon now continues until the page is refreshed.
  • Added an error when mistyping your login information on firstrun
  • switching between pages slides pages side to side now instead of pulling and pushing the page.
  • Load additional pages in background on mobile after first page load.
    cleaning up older unused code, and refactoring for performance improvements.
  • added support for deeplinks
  • Adding help link to the add account dialog, and to error messeges
  • Changing where the app domain points when registering on a mastodon server.
  • Fixed error were referencing a non-existent object would prevent you from viewing the single user page.

2023-02-13 - Beta 13.5

  • fix for persistent spoiler warning
  • ui fixes and cleanup
  • stupid off centered images

2023-02-13 - Beta 13.0

  • Using webP for many images now.
  • Layout fixes and adjustments needed after rebuilding the UI structure.,
  • Refresh button replaces pull to refresh (at least temporarily). Pressing the tab bar button twice also refreshes.
  • Moved App layout from being built in js to a mustache template.
  • Moved more actions from the dom to event listeners. scroll effects adjusted to use less math and affect only the container being acted on.
  • Adjusting opacities, moving some rendering to gpu, some off gpu.
  • Manifest.json added.
  • Loads fewer posts by default. Even fewer on desktops/old iPads: it's an in-progress thing, I can't gauge speed on those right now.
  • Adding names to buttons.
  • Multicolumn on iPad has horizontal scroll snapping