Superfluous customizations ... after launch

Enable Dark Mode ™ TBA - maybe

Undecided: Dark mode signals to the theme it should use a dark mode setting.

Enable Visual Effects

Tells Hai! to cut back on Superfluous Animations and movement. On platforms where Reduce Motion is an option, the default value will be expected to be set to OS value (TBA)

Enable Sounds

Tells Hai! to be quiet, even if your volume is up. This affects interface sounds.

Enable Haptics - TBA

A buzz or tap when you touch a button. Useful on platforms with a taptic engine. Feature not available on PWA.

Background - TBA

Will allow a background to be used. Themes should support backgrounds.

Show Actions on Posts

This will enable or disable the button bar on posts. To act on a post, you have to tap on it first to view it's thread, or display the button bar.

Selected Theme

Prepackaged themes to dress up Hai! just the way you want. This will be replaced with a theme selector, but is a dropdown for now.

Selected Font

Currently, OS/Browser limitations limit the options to fonts that can be loaded from the internet, or pre-packaged fonts. Only for now.

Text Contrast

Signals the theme to adjust text according to the desired contrast setting. Options are Theme/Default, which uses whatever the theme has set, High, low and normal. Normal is the default iOS sharp text, Low has soft edges and includes more than just text, and High outlines text in white.

Debug options:

These will not be included in the release version.


Force reload Hai!


Force Hai! to forget all settings and start with a clean slate